12 February, 2024

Overall risk level: 3

Overall: 3 Considerable

Ryan from FAT:

The 12th and 13th of February are going to be particularly warm days with the Freezing Level potentially reaching 1000m in some parts of Central Hokkaido.

This rapid warming will cause the collapse of many of the unstable glide cracks in the Furano Backcountry. Stay out of gullies below cracked faces and big terrain. There may be loose wet avalanche hazard too.

Look out for tree bombs falling from trees tomorrow. - It might be a little dangerous hanging out in low elevation snowy forests.

Enjoy Furano and please be respectful of the rules i.e use the backcountry gates at the ski area instead of ducking the ropes like many of the new guides here this season have been doing.

⚠ Always remember:

You are on your own out there. We assume no responsibility whatsoever.