13 January, 2023

Overall risk level: 2

Overall: 2 Moderate

FAT の ライアン:

日本語の記事がなくてすみません。 私は今、スキーシーズン直前で準備がとても忙しいです。 DeepLという翻訳サイトがとてもクオリティが良いので、使ってみて下さい: [https://www.deepl.com/translator]

Today was very warm in the Furano valley with the FL reaching above 1000m for a brief period. There were many large natural avalanches today, glide crack avalanches and probably loose wet and wind slabs on steep alpine SE faces. Everything clouded over around noon which made the avalanche cycle less serious than I expected.

Now, the stability is about to start improving here with the temperature close to 0 and the snow freezing again. Once everything is frozen, everything will likely be very stable for a few days until the next significant snowfall which is forecast to arrive on 20230116.

So after the freeze, stability will be good. This will take longer to occur in other, warmer parts of Hokkaido such as Niseko where there was unfortunately an accident today.

Stay out of creeks below the areas with cracked faces until they have experienced a good freeze.

Screenshot from 13 January, 2023
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