02 January, 2023

Overall risk level: 4

Overall: 4 High






After a brief pause in the storm, (20230101) the NW winds have resumed with a large snowfall over night (of the 20230101). Today, (20230102) it has continued to snow and this recent storm snow is currently unstable. I found more than 30cm of snow on sheltered E faces above 800m near Furano Ski Area.

This is the coldest temperature snow we have received this year, very fun to ski but not bonding so well to the denser snow below.

At 850m, NE aspect, I was able to easily trigger a slab avalanche on the new 20230101 layer that I believe stepped down onto the 20221228 layer mentioned in the previous post. After ski cutting a steep slope, I was left standing on a firm surface that I think was the 20221228 layer because it was an area with no previous skier compaction. 20m wide, 35cm deep, ran for 50m before stopping in lower angle terrain.

Winds are currently and are forecast to be NW until Friday, 20230106, when this storm is forecast to end.

Because the forecast is for more snow tonight and tomorrow, I expect a considerable to high risk of storm slab avalanches to persist for at least a few days. The SE and E faces are getting wind loaded with the additional risk of wind slabs, I saw this for myself today. I am hearing about similar experiences from other people too.

I would be very cautious and probably totally avoid any alpine avalanche terrain.

Although it is no ones responsibility, please try to educate any unintelligent lifeforms you may see entering the backcountry without any safety equipment in the way you feel is most appropriate.

Please be careful over the next few days.


4 High

Alpine risk level: 4

Very dangerous avalanche conditions. Travel in avalanche terrain not recommended.

Tree Line

4 High

Tree line risk level: 4

Very dangerous avalanche conditions. Travel in avalanche terrain not recommended.

Below Tree Line

3 Considerable

Below tree line risk level:

Dangerous avalanche conditions. Careful snow pack evaluation, cautious route-finding and conservative decision-making essential.

Risk level definitions from avalanche.org, with permission.

Screenshot from 02 January, 2023
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