02 January, 2024

Overall risk level: 3

Overall: 3 Considerable

Ryan from FAT:

A size 2- slab avalanche was skier triggered today (20240102) on an E face around 1100m near Furano. This was due to some wind loading in the previous 24hours ontop of the 20240101 suncrust later that exists on steep S-E slopes in the Furano area.

The avalanche started as a thin slab and propagated outwards where it became approx 20cm thick. See pics.

Most slopes around Furano are certainly safe to ski, but there are evidently still a few reactive pockets to look out for on the aforementioned slopes especially near ridgelines on steep faces where the crust layer is more obvious.

However, care should be obviously be taken around the wind loaded mid - higher elevation steep faces in the Furano Area.

There are also many large, open glide cracks on open faces this year. Be careful when emerging from the trees onto these faces to avoid crashing into them. Avoid spending time underneath them especially when temperatures are rising to near or above 0C.

Screenshot from 02 January, 2024
Screenshot from 02 January, 2024
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